Views Read Edit View history. The keyboard can convince Due to the weak basses, high-quality headphones would naturally provide a further improvement for everything that goes beyond undemanding background music. Typing on the Mini 10’s flat keyboard was relatively comfortable, and the keys themselves offered good, springy feedback. Merely an SSD instead of a hard disk would be missing for the absolute silence. The Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is 1.

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The high brightness provides a clearly visible display content outdoors, but because this is permanently over layered by irritating reflectionsit dell inspiron 1010 great effort to visually separate the innate content from these on a long term. Regrettably, this doesn’t apply to the shimmering silver wrist rests, though. While the dell inspiron 1010 and feel of the black matte keys are the same as on previous Minis, Dell expanded the keyboard panel all the way to the outer peripheries of the deck.

Verdict The Inspiron Mini 10 puts Dell into the inch netbook dell inspiron 1010, but other netbooks provide better bang for your buck. Its maximum thermal design power TDP is 2 Watts – dell inspiron 1010 performance wasn’t the main focus. One of these is executed as a Powered-USB The second available version was built into the test device, which is available for a surcharge of This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat The system also came with a day trial of McAfee Anti-Virus.


The Mini 10v has since been discontinued. For those who find our test device especially appealing: Diamondville Intel Atom N 1. A maximum of Even after adjusting the opening angle there is practically no flapping evident. Please, switch off ad blockers.

This can already be called unpleasant. Merely an SSD instead of a hard disk would be missing for the absolute silence.

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The 6 cell Lithium-Ion battery with 56 Wh included in the test device costs an additional Subjectively, dell inspiron 1010 delp appeared luscious and fairly color-neutral. In return, the audio ports have been placed in the far right front. Surprisingly, the Mini 10 has a larger keyboard than the Mini Because the keys have a matt surface, the type feel turns out to be pleasant, too.

With an average transfer rate of The Inspiron Mini 10 offers a sufficiently wide touchpad as mouse substituteeven if a bit narrow with dell inspiron 1010 millimeters height, but with 77 millimeters breadth. The touchpad reacts fell too sensitive at tap-to-click or multi-touch features with the driver’s presettings, which are configurable in the driver.

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The low-capacity batteries appear to be those manufactured in Tokyo. Thus, the Dell Dell inspiron 1010 Mini 10 is also available with the lower clocked Z The hinges have an easy job with the small display and support every position without any problems.


And while the bundled three-cell battery provides adequate runtime for its capacity, we’d wait for the six-cell option. Contrarily, the keyboard works surprisingly quiet dell inspiron 1010 smooth, and also with sufficient palpable feedback.

However, Dell doesn’t offer an upgrade possibility in the online-configurator.

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Generally, you can be quite dell inspiron 1010 with the stability of the case. It happened time and again in the test that the image was enlarged instead of a change of the mouse cursor’s dell inspiron 1010.

The Intel Atom Z processor is a single core processor with a K cache, a 1. The correlating buttons are integrated directly into the pad and highlighted optically as indpiron as haptically. A SIM slot is existent. The hard disk also works very quietly with just