Only Dell, as well as the verification of appropriate functionality of the computer and all Dell- installed hardware. If multiple versions are listed, select the version appropriate for your platform. Closing the Computer Cover A d d i n g Par ts Ensure that all cables are connected, and fold cables out of the way. Click the program that is no longer responding. Page 26 To prepare the new computer for the file transfer: Press the power button again to restart the computer.

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Connect the modem to an analog telephone dell inspiron 4550 only. Page of Go. See the documentation that came with your printer. Page 7 Replacing the Battery Page 88 bracket caught outside of slot bracket within slot A d d i n g Par ts Place the dell inspiron 4550 in the vell and press down firmly.

Close the computer cover see pageplug your computer dell inspiron 4550 an dell inspiron 4550 outlet, and turn on the computer. Page 91 If you need a filler bracket, contact Dell. Removing a Memory Module Page Power DC power supply: Reattach the empty insert frame over the front of the drive bay.

Turn off any attached devices and disconnect them from their electrical outlets. See Windows Help for information on using System Restore.


CDs general information, 30 helpful tips, 31 how to copy CDs, 32 cover closing, opening, 83 Dell Diagnostics, 15, 62 Dell Support website, 16 Dell Technical Support Policy, diagnostics, 15, 62 display.

Table of Contents 4505 to my manuals Add. AGP card card clip lever card clip slot connector Release the dell inspiron 4550 clip lever, ensuring that the dell inspiron 4550 on the card clip lever fits into the notch on the front end of the card.

Page 74 Advanced Troubleshooting If the dell inspiron 4550 has a power cable attached to it, disconnect the cable from the card. Page 98 A d d i n g Par ts Remove the first hard drive from the upper bay and install it in the lower bay: Connecting A Usb Printer screws 2 parallel printer cable Turn on the printer and then turn on the computer.


Call Dell to obtain an authorization number, and write it clearly dell inspiron 4550 prominently on the outside of the box.

To copy data from the old computer: Adding a Memory Module Press out the securing clip at each end of the memory module connector.

You must also return the products to Dell in their original packaging, in as-new condition along with any media, documentation, and all other items that were included in the original shipment, prepay shipping charges, and insure dell inspiron 4550 shipment or inspirin the risk of loss or damage during shipment. Page 37 See page On the Where are the files and settings?


High-speed CD drive vibration is normal and may cause noise. Before you undo the last system restore, save and close all open files and close all dell inspiron 4550 programs.

Include a copy of the invoice and a letter describing the reason for the return.

The AGP card is removed from the following illustration to provide a better view of the inside of your computer. Dell inspiron 4550 the computer power cable from the wall outlet, and then press the power button to ground the system board.

Dell Dimension 4550 Series Owner’s Manual

Shut down see the following section and restart the computer. After the computer restarts, click OK. What if I purchased an on-site service contract? Dell inspiron 4550 technical assistance from Dell. Total Satisfaction” Return Policy u.