Your melee attack in Modern Warfare 2 is a perfect example. Ya, agree with the last poster, very nice review, plenty of effort put into it, well done! The original DeathAdder was a long time favorite of mine, I was both concerned and excited about this updated version coming out. When you first look at it, it does seem to be very big looking, but it really isn? Wes’s obsession with gaming hardware and gadgets isn’t anything new, he could be found taking things apart even as a child. The box, which this mouse comes in is very fancy looking and is most certainly the best compared to the other boxes of mice that I have used ranging from wireless Microsoft mice and the Logitech MX , it screams quality as soon as you look at it and especially when you open it, you are presented with the mouse itself and a quick summary of it with a picture on the left side.

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This razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse is obviously a? On the left you have another two tabs, which gives you even more settings to adjust in order to be even more deadly in game! Now onto the mouse itself, the mouse looks very nice, although maybe a bit bland when compared to some of the other gaming mice out there, but it still looks better than most of the others, however once the blue lights come razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse, it looks excellent and very gamer like, the pulsing blue Razer logo is an excellent touch to make it stand out even more compared to other mice and gives the impression to me that the thing is alive with a heartbeat!

Ddpi TS Server Info: That can only be good because I love that shape it fits my hand perfect. Rxzer of the big deciding factors for gamers when they look at mice is the type of?


DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition

The original DeathAdder was a long time favorite of mine, I was both concerned and excited about this updated version coming out.

Reviews razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse Members for Members Search In. The glossy finish under my thumb did cause my thumb to stick a little after my hands started to get sweaty from intense gaming. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Razer DeathAdder

Outlining small details in Photoshop brings out any issues with a mouse normally. Overall the mouse has a very sturdy feel to it. After a few hours of gaming I found the DeathAdder to be comfortable mostly due to its large shape.

Hope you all liked the review and if anyone has any questions or would razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse something to be explained a bit better, just ask: I don’t think that is a very good place for the button especially when you’re in the middle of gaming, I never use it due to the placement and it doesn’t provide the same level of feedback when “clicked” like the “right” and “left” click along with the side thumb buttons, therefore you aren’t sure if it actually worked until trying it out.

Posted December 11, There razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse no spacing that separates the 2 buttons except a small divider line. The feedback that you get from the?

Razer Deathadder dpi | eBay

During all of my testing I found no issues, outlining even the smallest images was easy. Already have an account? In order to put the new higher DPI sensor to the test I used the mouse both in game and in Photoshop.

The only things, which Razer could do to make this mouse even better is make the scroll wheel razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse smooth when scrolling up and down not absolutely necessaryhave 2 separate buttons for sensitivity, a better placement for the dedicated “profile change” button, preferably somewhere that is easy to access without hassle i.


I have used a range of mice from wireless Microsoft mice, Logitech standard wired mice and the very popular gamer mouse known as the MX and I can easily say that purely for gaming the DeathAdder is the better one especially in FPS, you really feel more accurate in aiming and just in general more responsive to firing, turning etc.

You can also turn razer deathadder 3500 dpi mouse the scroll wheel and Razer logo glow on and off.

So the question is, has it improved my skills in FPS gaming? It should also be noted that?

Looks identical to my Mamba just with a cable. Wes’s obsession with gaming hardware and gadgets isn’t anything new, he could be found taking things mmouse even as a child.

Last review by me for today!

Posted January 1, The curves with the wider front end of the mouse prevent your? The included on the fly sensitivity adjustment was perfect for slowing things down for more detailed work. After spending some time with the new DeathAdder my concerns are now gone.

Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition Gaming Mouse

For my testing, I ran software version 2. Like you, I had the MX before. Razer didn’t change much with the packaging of the new DeathAdder.

The same goes for in-game, the on the fly adjustment was easy to use without having to quit out of the ga,e game.